Third-Party Logistics Providers (TPL) are well-established companies that have extensive experience in the storage and routing of goods. They employ the best and brightest engineers and supply chains, managers. To find out the best logistic provider, you can visit

This allows them to combine analytic minds and state-of-the-art software to create the most efficient and valuable supply chain. For many reasons, a third-party provider is more reliable, has shorter delivery times, and can use more capacity than a single shipper. 

These are the three benefits of using a Third Party logistics provider:

1. 3PL business: carriers compete

Third-Party Logistics clients are served by freight carriers that compete against each other. 3PLs can offer different service levels and transit times because they contract with multiple carriers. Shippers can benefit from increased ocean sailings per semaine thanks to 3PLs.

2.  Hiring 3PL is cheaper than In-house supply chain management

You can save significant administrative costs if you outsource logistics providers if you are currently handling all your shipping and logistics internally. 3PLs are able to manage your entire supply chain, saving you valuable time. 

3. PLs offer greater control and better information

Third-Party Logistics Providers use the latest software to track and route every business they manage. They employ math geeks and engineers to manage the accounts. They coordinate all transportation routes and supply chain processes, and are able to combine disparate data using value-added information services.

They provide greater control via vendor relationship management and proactive communication with overseas suppliers to ensure everything runs according to plan. You can even see the performance reports to see exactly how much money you are saving.