Eyelash Extension Tweezers are designed to smooth out the finest details in the art of flicking. Eyelash extension tweezers are one of the few lash extension accessories that you should use from start to finish of the session.

Therefore, mastering the ability to use professional tweezers is an important step in mastering the art of eyelash extension. You can also buy eyelash extension tweezers via https://www.gladgirl.com/collections/tweezers

Eyelash Tweezer Type

The tip of the eyelash tweezers becomes a professional hair curling iron with lash extensions. This advice is very important as it is used to select, select, and separate lashes during the application process. There are several types of tips such as: straight, curved, L-shaped and each nozzle has a specific function.

1) I-shape: straight holder The AKA I shaped holder is ideal for isolation and the classic method of lash extension. We recommend the use of a long, thin I-shaped insulation bracket. Thicker and shorter Type I tweezers are ideal for classic lash extensions.

2) X shape: ideal for classic lash extensions. This X bracket can hold classic extensions without putting too much strain on your hands.

3 F-shape: The F-shaped lash extension clip is ideal for isolating and attaching classic lash extensions.

Shape: The tips of the A-shaped tweezers are ideal for lifting and attaching classic lash extensions.

4) L-shaped: The L-shaped lash extension holder is an excellent tool for making handmade volume fans, as well as lifting and fixing them.

5) S-shape: The S-shaped holder with lash extension is great for lifting and securing the fan for lash extension. This type can also be used to isolate a client with a protruding forehead or deep eyes.