1. Easy to keep chocolate all year round: You can get "offshore" light all year long. You no longer need to worry about the weather and want optimal UV tanning conditions. The spray tanning solution gives a bronze color regardless of the season.

2. Moisturize your skin: Often contains additional components that moisturize your skin. Aloe, a natural moisturizer known for its healing and soothing properties, is a key component of the Kahuna Bay tan solution. You can find a professional spray tan salon that gives you the best tanning spray for your chocolate skin.

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3. Contains anti-aging properties:  Sunless tan solutions are also rich in antioxidants, which provide anti-aging benefits. UV tanning actually makes your skin age faster, so if you are worried about the appearance of your skin, in the long run, sunless tanning is definitely the right way.

4. Helps to disguise spots and stains: The brown color that results from a sunless solution helps even out your skin tone and disguise spots, red spots, and blemishes. High-quality solutions and experienced technicians guarantee that you will get even and streaky colors that make you look your best.

5. There is no brown line: Another great benefit of spray tanning and airbrush tanning is the lack of lines. When you bask in the sun, lines often appear from the top and bottom of your bathing suit. You don't need to worry about this happening when you are sunbathing, which is great if you plan on wearing a strapless or top-dress this weekend!