If you're thinking about installing a roof made of metal, you must be aware that it's one of the strongest and most long-lasting roofing choices. Metal roofs consist of several layers of steel which are joined tightly. 

This makes them sturdy and resistant to weather-related damage. Metal roofing in Erie Pa is cool in summer but warm in winter, making them an ideal option for homes that are located in cooler climates.


Metal roofs are the longest-lasting of all roofing materials. The majority of manufacturers offer warranties of 50 years on their roofing products. With a bit of maintenance, they will last for at least 75 years.

Benefits of Strength and Durability

Metal roofing systems can withstand any weather conditions, ranging from huge amounts of snow, hail, and strong winds. They don't rot which reduces the chance of damage by insects. Furthermore, they don't retain moisture or water and do not crack or peel. They also are resistant to decay and mildew.

Environmental Benefits

A variety of factors make roofing made of metal eco-friendly, such as the fact that it can be used over an already existing roof. The installation of metal roofing on an existing roof will eliminate the debris from a tear-off roof that could otherwise end in a landfill. Metal roofing is typically made of recycled materials. Metal roofing materials are recyclable.

Design Benefits

There are a variety of colors and designs available in roof roofing made from metal. Metal painted with paint can be found in nearly every shade. There are two kinds of roofs made of metal that are available: standing seams and corrugated. 

Standing seams are comprised of interlocking panels of metal that are arranged vertically starting from the ridges of the roof up to the eaves. Corrugated roofing is made up of rippled or corrugated sheets of steel.