The long held romance girls have experienced over the decades with sneakers reaches epic amounts in regards to the latest trends in shoes. This summertime sees the wedge shoe reunite with magnificent colours and sensational towering peaks. Summer style becomes more complete with the inclusion of beautiful accessories like sunglasses and handbags. 

A thing no trendy woman can perform without this summertime is your clog shoe.  As the ideal accessory for every single fashionable or stylish fashionista's apparel, clog shoe states much more than shoes fashion allows. You can buy the latest ladies mule shoes from Five Tribe.


The conventional Dutch clog made its way to mainstream style has to into the compliments of designers and fashionistas across the world. Clogs offer you an enjoyable and lively style for girl of any age. The modernization of the clog shoe took the awkward and sometimes bulky medieval style statement to another level.  Beautiful built drains decorate style runways last year like never before. 

Designers have brought back the strangest traditional wedge shoe. Gorgeous tall pliers comprising towering platform design and daring prints are hitting on the runaways and large streets everywhere.  Towering high above the conventional wedge heels means sporting a set of freshly designed wedges shoes may add height to a own wardrobe and some other petite figure. 

Mules are consistently a summertime season preferred. Vintage and chic, the conventional mules will make any outfit complete. Wear the proper mules shoe and you also will surely stick out in a crowded area. The mules style was praised over time since the shoe to wear to get a more friendly match on the toes than your typical towering stiletto.