There is a growing demand for high-quality poultry products that are safe and healthy. A lot of research has been done to assess the potential growth performance as well as health benefits of yeast-based products. 

Studies have shown that supplementation with yeast culture (YC), improves animal nutrition, health, and can even reduce the amount of abdominal fat in broilers. It is crucial to examine the metabolites found in yeast culture. You can also find the best yeast metabolites in poultry via

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Some metabolites are beneficial in stimulating bacterial growth and optimizing animal feed intake. It is not known what YC actually looks like and how efficient it works. This requires a more detailed investigation.

YC is a micro-ecological product that contains a mixture of yeast biomass and fermentation metabolites. It is mostly composed of yeast extracellular metabolisms such as peptides and alcohols, but the composition of the medium changes the fermentation process.

Research has shown that YC’s nutritional and health-care function can be attributed to its fermentation metabolites. These growth factors include pro-vitamins, micronutrients, and growth factors that stimulate animal growth.

There is not an accurate and standard analytical method to estimate the biologically important chemical constituents of YC products. This aspect has also been neglected in research conducted within the feed industry. Due to increasing interest in YC products for animal feeds, it is important to develop analytical methods to estimate YC as well as its effective components in order to ensure quality animal products.