Vitamin and supplement manufacturers are primarily involved in the development and manufacturing of products that can be taken by mouth and have an ingredient to support the diet. This industry includes standard vitamin and mineral supplements as well as products for sports nutrition and herbal supplements.

This excludes manufacturers and suppliers of infant formula, energy drinks, and prescription or OTC medications that are used to treat or prevent illness. You have to choose the companies who have certified vitamin tablets manufacturer.

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Over the past decade, the industry of vitamins, minerals has experienced significant growth. It is expected that it will grow even further by 2010.

Many of their curative or preventive properties are supported by clinical trials and research. With more research, the nutraceutical market will grow and expand.

It is now possible to take vitamin supplements with contract vitamin manufacturing. There are many great companies that can help you start your vitamin manufacturing business. These companies can assist you in creating your own vitamin formula, or providing in-stock vitamins.

Products in stock

In-stock products can be cheaper than custom orders and come with ready laboratory results and testimonials. You can choose the in-stock product you want to sell.

Specialized Formulas

Common vitamin formulas include vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fish oils. To create your own formulas, you can seek the assistance of vitamin manufacturing contractors.