The argument is disagreement followed by rejection of something, argument means arguing about something or trying to win something, which can be a prize, or participating in a discussion or argument. Disputes are not good for any of the parties involved in the discussion, each party must suffer as the dispute progresses. There are some companies that provide the best ADR services in Canada.

Dispute resolution is a method used by trained professionals to resolve disputes, as opposed to litigation. When resolving disputes, a trained professional will help you communicate clearly, negotiate business effectively, evaluate and develop solutions, or resolve conflicts. Professionals act neutrally and impartially and do not represent either party. It is an interdisciplinary field based on neutral environments such as law, human resources, and social work.

There are several types of dispute resolution methods such as meditation, arbitration, negotiation, moderation, neutral judgment, and many others, but the most popular are meditation and arbitration. This is seen as an alternative to justice because this approach to conflict management, where dispute resolution and justice work closely together, work closely together. 

There are many benefits to resolving disputes:

Elevated settlement: The main advantage of this system is the increased number of settlements, many people prefer not to go to court and consist of a neutral professional.

Increased Satisfaction: Another benefit is greater satisfaction with the outcome or method of dispute resolution between the disputing parties, as an agreement is reached before both parties receive the benefit.

Saves time: This system saves time by reducing battle time because fewer people are involved and you don't have to wait for court hearings.