A fenced-in yard is a great asset to a home. Unfortunately, paying a builder to install one for you can be very costly. Here are some basic things that you need to know in order to build your own fence.

Designing your own fence does not have to be fancy. You simply need to decide what type of fence you want to build. Think about whether you want a traditional picket fence or perhaps you want a privacy fence. Plot out where your gate will be located, where you will start the first post, how far apart the posts will be, and how high the fence will be.

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Next, you need to mark a line to follow where the posts will be. This doesn't need to be complicated. Just figure out where your end posts will be and start there. You want to make sure that your line is straight or your fence will be crooked and it will not be as sturdy as it should be.

Your posts should be made from treated wood. If your wood was not treated before you bought it, you will definitely want to take the time to treat it yourself. Make sure the posts sit with the treatment solution for an entire day to be sure they are well-saturated before you put them in the ground.

You will want your posts to be firmly anchored in the ground. In order to achieve this, you should dig the holes deep enough to bury at least one-third of the post. You can use a manual post-hole digger or you can rent a mechanical one. If you have a large yard, a mechanical one will be a lot faster. Once you have dug the holes. Drop a shovelful or two of gravel into the hole to make a stable bed for the post to rest on.