Ping pong is also known as table tennis and the rules are easy to understand. It's a fun game that many people enjoy. A ping pong table has a narrow net in the middle and white markings. These markings can only be used for doubles ping pong and can be ignored for singles games. You can serve anywhere on the table from a singles game. 

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Doubles games require that you serve from the opposite side to your opponent's. The table should be level and the ping pong paddles should be rubber-surfaced. Although ping pong rules allow for the use of paddles with sandpaper surfaces, they are not allowed.

To determine who serves first, the game starts with the flipping of a coin. Serve is simply to toss the ball in the air and hit it with your paddle onto the opposite side of the ping pong table. The ball may bounce onto the table and hit the net. 

However, this is known as a let serve. The server loses his or her point if the ball leaves the table. Two points are awarded to the first player, then it is exchanged. The game is decided by eleven points or a two-point differential. The two players alternate serving until one of them wins. A match is made if the two players win at least four of seven games.

A volley is a ball that is in play during ping-pong. You can volley the ball back and forth multiple times without losing a point or scoring. The server will lose their point if they hit the ball twice in succession, miss the ball, or knock it off the table. The server wins if the opponent misses the ball. As the players serve the ball, points are added.