If you have a pool, you need safety cover – it's that simple. But they are more than just safe; they are practical, comfortable, and attractive. If the pool cover was measured, made, and installed correctly, it really can be fun to see all winter.

The type of cover you need depends on the type of pool you have. Do you have a standard rectangular pool? Or is it a custom shape? Does it have a spillover hot tub? Where do you live? In the suburbs? In rural areas? You can find temporary pool covers from various online sources.

The answers to these questions will determine the type of cover you end up buying. Talking with a pool service professional for assistance. If you do, it might help you narrow down your choices to a number of options:

Mesh security cover: Of all types of cover pool, this is the most common, largely because it has been around the longest. In the short term, the mesh cover is the most economical. Mesh blankets are inexpensive and fairly easy to install, but you may lose the money you save when you have to buy algaecide or shock therapy.

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Ultra-mesh cover: It is much like a standard mesh covers, but with a more tightly-woven mesh. It's slightly more expensive than a mesh cover, but block almost all sunlight, so algae cannot thrive under it. It also retains the advantages of lighter and simpler to install.

Dense cover: This guarantee does not exist algae, because they are totally impermeable to light. They are much more expensive and much heavier than the standard mesh sheets, so they are more difficult to install and removed. They also get dirty faster, and more difficult to clean.

Dense blanket with drain panels. It is designed to drain rainwater from the panel so it does not get overwhelmed; they are also useful for pool owners who have pets, such as dogs and cats tend to walk in the pool. Talking with a professional pool service to learn how you can purchase right for your pool drain. Get it wrong, and you run the risk of a continuous drain clog with leaf litter and other yard waste.