Federal law requires all US government contractors and subcontractors to have workers' compensation insurance for all employees working abroad. The defense base act was made for this function. 

It gives workers' compensation protection to civilians that are hired by the U.S. government to operate on army bases, for public functions, or national protection. If you’re looking for more information about defense base act insurance you can see here now.

defense base act insurance

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The action is particularly designed to give security to employees of defense contractors that are hurt in the  course of employment. Coverage pertains to some of These civilian employees who:

Work overseas for private businesses. Workers of private companies working on U.S. military foundations or some other land used by the U.S. for army functions out of the USA are insured.

Work abroad for foreign aid. The legislation applies to anyone who's providing contract services under the Foreign Assistance Act if done outside the USA.

Work overseas for U.S. military welfare. Coverage can also be extended to employees employed by American firms supplying services out of the United States of America for the welfare or benefit of the U.S. military, like members of their U.S.O.

Normally, any contract with the agency of the U.S. government for work away from the USA will probably fall under defense base act coverage. This legislation isn't specific to marine workers, although a lot of men who work  on the water are qualified.