Check out any motorsports magazine and you'll see all over the place, panning images. The photographer somehow managed to make a vehicle that is speeding appear perfectly still while being able to capture the sensation of movement by creating the background blurred with a hue. 

This is a fascinating type of photography, however, you're wrong in thinking that it required many years of education to get it the right look, and is best reserved for experts. You can find the best photography studio for hire in Sydney via Hypop Studio to make your photoshoot more professional.

When are panning shots being used? The answer is that sports are the most popular – like cycling and running and motorsports. Similar techniques can make your nature and wildlife photos appear to be out of this world. 

Birds make excellent targets. Swans or geese, which are slightly slow and lumbering are surprisingly easy targets to target when panning. A panning image makes the viewer feel the impact of motion. 

Compare this to a comparable static image taken with an extremely fast shutter speed, and you'll be able to see which results in a superior image.

The subject should be moving from left to right or the reverse. A bright background that is blurred and vibrant can give the impression of motion, however, the objective is to ensure that the subject is clearly visible.