Children are the face of God. Their youthful smiles just win our hearts and this innocence must be nurtured, and should not be lost in the struggle of life. But to reflect on the reality, millions of children in many countries have lost their normal childhood.

Many of these children are not getting the required education. You can help children who are victims of this difficult fate by making donations to charities or institutions scattered around the country. You can also donate for child education.

The funds donated can be used for children's growth and development. Numerous non-governmental houses and charities have sprung up in the cities, working hand in hand to promote the welfare of children.

There are lots of great charities out there. You will need to do a little research to find them and ask for help as your helping hand will guide these children to a bright future. There is no need to look for a charity, the information is available online and it is even easier to donate online.

The internet has developed rapidly over the years and is now the most powerful tool for donating to charities, promoting education, and the welfare of poor children.

You can take the help of many websites to prevent fraud by the system. The list of guidelines will help you decide which charities to donate to. And yes, when you give to charity, always make sure that you only donate to charities you know.

A number of well-known and popular charities are available online with all their information and guides. For other charities you are less familiar with, always check for details with your state or local government office.