In the automotive and aerospace industries, paper drawings have been practically eliminated. Unfortunately, because of the nature of construction, paper drawings are likely to be with us for the planned future. 

The current BIM software technology provides interoperability between paper drawings and the BIM model. You can also hire professionals from architecture firms via to get consultancy for optimized plans and calculations according to design codes and regulations.

If the design is changed in the 3D model, the drawing is automatically updated. If the design is changed in the 2-D drawing, the 3D model is automatically updated. It saves time, reduces mistakes, and can provide advantages to designers.

Although other packages can provide support for certain electrical design elements, CAD Electrical provides the widest set of features available on the market today for BIM services.

It provides all the information on energy distribution and containment, lighting, fire, safety alarms, data and telecoms, EIB bus systems, and audiovisual speaker systems. 

This means that the entire electrical installation of the building can be designed and fully documented from a single source to strengthen your productivity.

Construction Information Modeling Technology (BIM) is used for the entire building lifecycle, including the operation and maintenance of the facilities. The project items created for the BIM model can be used by the manufacturer to explore, design, and optimize the construction sequence. 

BIM Electrical Services includes the following services in the BIM industry:

o Electrical site plans

o Cable designs

o Wiring diagrams

o Structural foundation, roof plans

o Electrical diagrams

o Power plans and lighting


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