One of the principal risk factors for mouth cancer is an extreme intake of alcohol; it can increase the possibility of contracting cancer by up to four times. For this reason, mouth screening events were organized last week to detect people at higher risk for mouth cancer.

Nurse Specialists and Oral Health Promotion staff from the Hospitals Foundation Trust led a team of Foundation Dentists at the sessions community locations. You can get oral screening for mouth cancer via

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Alcohol combined with tobacco makes up a deadly cocktail so that people who drink and smoke excessively have a 30 times higher chance of developing mouth cancer. Alcohol helps tobacco to be absorbed into the mouth.

Head and Neck Specialist described the examination process for mouth cancer as an easy and simple way to improve awareness about mouth cancer in the area.

With early detection of the disease proven to alter survival chances from 50% to 90%, the team was enthusiastic about attracting as many participants as possible for the screening campaign.

Dear explained that the screening dentists looked for particular symptoms in the mouth area, including non-healing mouth ulcers, unusual swelling or lumps, and white or red patches.

The slogan for Mouth Cancer Awareness Month is "if in doubt, get checked out." Dear urged people who were concerned about their oral health, to come for the screening sessions and to at least speak to the staff conducting the sessions.

Speaking about the demographics of the disease, mouth cancer used to primarily affect males aged over 40, but that this had changed in the current generation. Differences in lifestyles amongst ladies and younger people and their reactions towards smoking and drinking have suggested that these groups are increasingly in danger.