With the launch of Kim Kardashian's new publication"Selfish" committed exclusively for her selfies, it is clear to see that the selfie fad is here to remain! Who would not like selfies – it is just like a mini photoshoot where you are the design, photographer, lighting manager, makeup artist, and stylist! For more information regarding selfie Lighting, you may search on google about selfie ring glow.

 Easy Tips on How to Have an Amazing Selfie are given below:

1) Make sure the lighting is ideal! lighting is one of the main factors when attempting to have a perfect selfie. Be certain that the lighting does not cast shadows (because this may draw attention to undesirable places and create facial features look bigger.

2) Know your perspectives! It might take some time and a few experimenting initially to discover the best perspectives, but it's going to be well worth it! Try different moves and poses to see that one enhances both your body and face.

3) Select a Natural pose! This goes together with understanding your angles – it is ideal to decide on a natural presence that does not seem too forced or awkward. Play about with head tilts, smiles, and facial expressions till you discover the selfie which you enjoy the best.

4) Use caution if picking a filter! Filters are equally amazing and a curse since they may completely alter how a selfie looks. Pick a filter that is more on the traditional side that provides a flawless appearance to the selfie, rather than an intense filter which edits the selfie so much you don't even seem like yourself.