Rising gasoline prices and concerns about the environmental impact of car exhausts have sparked interest in "greener" and cheaper modes of transportation. Over the years, light electric vehicles such as electric bicycles and scooters have grown significantly. You can also buy an electric bike and scooter via this link.

The different electric bikes and scooters can leave some people interested in such vehicles and wondering which type is best for their needs and lifestyle. Electric scooters and bicycles share some features in common – both are powered by rechargeable electric motors, but they also have some important differences that consumers need to consider before making a purchase.

Electric scooters come in a variety of sizes and fittings from frame models such as bicycles to larger models that closely resemble popular gasoline scooters. However, many electric scooters are heavier than many electric bicycles, which have the same range and speed. Many motorcycles reach speeds of 20 mph and can reach 50 miles before recharging.

Some people may prefer a full-size electric scooter because of its storage capacity, either under the seat or in a clip-on storage case. However, e-bikes have accessories like trailers. This accessory is popular with many electric cyclists because it allows trips to the grocery store (one of the many short trips electric vehicles can take to save gas).