The traditional burial methods within the Western world usually include methods that are contributing in a way to carbon footprint. The deceased are typically preserved using synthetic chemicals, like formaldehyde and put in caskets that have been chemically treated which resist the disintegration of earth. There are always new cemeteries to be found in an effort to meet the growing demands of the aging population. You can visit for the more information about green burial services.



The result is that more space is occupied by graves and huge gravestones as well as the chemical fertilizers and pesticides which many cemeteries employ every season to keep their well-maintained grounds, and the greenhouse gasses produced by hedgers and lawn mowers which use non-renewable fossil fuels. However, in this increasingly environmentally conscious age, many people opt to leave the earth with the same environmentally-aware ethos that they lived their life by.

Funerals are deeply personal ceremonies each person and family member should consider this occasion to be an authentic reflection of their lives and beliefs. Thus, eco-friendly or green funerals are becoming a more preferred option for both families and individuals. It is a fact that every funeral will have an environmental impact.

Additionally, there are eco green alternatives to cremation. Cremation is a great option because it has the advantage of not leaving any physical marks on the earth, since there is no burial site. No matter if a family member or an individual opts for a funeral with a green theme or conventional funeral, they must make sure that they arrange it in a meaningful manner that is a celebration of their life to the fullest.