A tincture, also known as a syrup, is an herbal preparation that has a low concentration of essential oils. Most of these preparations are prepared from dried herbs or plants. An herbal tincture contains the extracted active ingredients of the plant or herbs that are used in the preparation of the tincture.

Usually, an alcohol-based tincture is the most preferred liquid, as it can easily extract the beneficial active ingredients, such as herbal resins, alkaloids and water soluble ingredients. In the recent years, herbal tinctures that contain the components of synthetic materials have also been developed.

The main difference between the natural cbd tinctures and synthetic tinctures is the method of extraction. Most natural tinctures use an alcohol-based tincture, in order to extract the desired components such as herbs and resins.

Some other natural tinctures that have been used to enhance the potency of medicinal herbs are made from sugar cane, grape seed, and the dried husks of the coconut palm. The herbal extracts and tinctures are usually combined to make a standardized dosage and can be administered directly by ingesting the mixture directly.

Other herbal tinctures that are considered to be effective in relieving various symptoms include the following. The effects of lavender tinctures are known to alleviate the pain of arthritis. Eucalyptus tinctures are also effective against nausea.

Aromatherapy, using the essential oil of rose, can be applied to the body to relax the muscles, helps the digestion process, and to promote general well being. Aromatherapy oils are also said to help relieve headaches and help in alleviating the anxiety. For people who are suffering from asthma, eucalyptus can be mixed with tea and inhaled for relief of symptoms.