A company that provides incorporation services is there to provide you with liability protection as well as an official business vehicle to operate a company.

These companies should not be mistaken for professional law advisors. A lawyer is recommended if you require legal advice. An experienced incorporation company can help you if you only need to form a limited- or business-related company.

These companies are often used by law firms to outsource this task to their clients. They focus on the preparation and administration of filings with the secretary state agencies that organize legal entities in each state. 

This is why these businesses need to keep current on changes in the legal requirements for LLC organizations and incorporations. These laws and regulations are subject to change each year.

Companies that offer incorporation services have used the Internet to market their services directly to small-business owners.

Many new businesses also offer online document and file services to meet the increasing demand from customers for limited liability company (LLC), formation and incorporation services.

It is worth it to use a reliable and experienced company for trustworthy and affordable service. Although it's possible to find and follow the requirements of your state, it can take time. You may then spend hours filling out paperwork or reading instructions in order to meet those exact requirements.