In the realm of business coaching, it has been found in regard to positive performance affirmations, consistent reinforcement of desired behavior through rewards that have specific value to its targeted audience produces "Operant conditioning" which increases the probability that certain behaviors will be repeated.

This is one area that the business consultant has been repeatedly used in teaching these techniques throughout an organization. The practice of using monetary compensation as a reward for successful goal completion sometimes pale in contrast to verbal affirmation in the execution of rewards for outstanding performance.

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However, since no one factor cannot produce a standard that is acceptable to everyone across the board, strategic combinations of performance rewards have to be applied in order to sustain cohesive buy-in.

This position leads to tie in the Expectancy Theory in that individuals generally regulate their behavior based on the "perceived relationship between effort and performance". This theory can be related to very basic developmental processes in that babies began to cognitively become aware of the influence that they can have on their external environment as they increasingly learn how to manipulate adults to achieve repeat desired responses.

In business coaching, often times motivational theories are discussed with business professionals in an effort to have been implemented to facilitate a positive improvement in organizational success through goal setting and completion.