Flexible packaging companies say they can benefit retailers and manufacturers of private branded consumer packaged goods with the key elements that they are looking to improve their products, making them more distinct and sustainable.

Let’s start with distinct, which is the gateway to differentiation.

Flexible packaging companies like https://copackinc.com/ are offering premium quality private label products that need to stand apart. Whether it be shape, size, colour, texture material or finish — flexible packaging offers a multitude of options for standout packaging.

Differentiation through convenience can also be achieved. Retailers and manufacturers can use flexible packaging to meet their consumers’ needs and lifestyles with convenience features such as easy to open, resealability, portability and one-handed use.

Essentially, the package isn’t only more visually appealing, but it also delights consumers with superior functionality and overall packaging experience,” Johnson adds. With its high-end flexographic printing possibilities, flexible packaging is an excellent tool for communicating a brand message, Casey notes.

It not only meets the needs of retailers to attract consumers with great design and graphics but also to educate consumers on the product. Variety helps brands apply their products to best-fit packaging, which could be meaningless without just-in-time availability.  As more retailers enhance their private brand offerings to match or beat national brands, flexible packaging has been seen as an easy way to commercialize.