The practice of law has been a noble and upright profession for generations. The legal profession is still very popular among young people in the country. 

A lawyer usually holds one title. Before 1873, the Supreme Court unified the practice of solicitors in equity courts and attorneys in common law courts. In all courts, the title "attorney", was replaced with "solicitor" after 1873. To find out the best solicitors in Bexleyheath, you can browse various online resources.

Solicitors offer advice to individuals and organizations on legal matters and make sure that their clients follow the law. Most solicitors work in offices rather than in courts. There are a few exceptions to this rule. 

Solicitors were almost always assigned to small criminal cases that were tried in Magistrates Courts. Small civil cases that were tried in county courts for minor claims were handled in the same way. 

Advocates are lawyers who represent clients and provide expert opinions on complicated legal issues. They are usually instructed by solicitors and work in court, not offices.

The lines between the two have blurred since the 1990s. Solicitors can now represent clients in lower courts. If they have sufficient experience and have obtained specific "higher rights", qualifications, they can be "solicitor advocates" and can also represent clients in the higher court. 

The public can now directly hire a barrister and have them assist with certain types of work, without needing to consult a solicitor. A law degree is not required to be a solicitor. A qualified law degree or a conversion course is required to become a solicitor.