UPC means unique product code and ASIN means Amazon standard identification number. Today UPCs are listed on every product, they are on the back of books, clothes, groceries, and the list goes on and on. 

The UPC helps identify products and contains important product information, color, size, and price. The Amazon products are assigned with the ASIN for the product identification. You can look for efficient UPC to ASIN bulk conversion tool at Turbopiranha.com for assigning the product codes easily.

As product sellers, we usually sell products or items that already have a UPC item code and a product page created in the Amazon catalog. However, there are situations when we create our products, import items, or create gift baskets or packages and amazon assigns it ASIN number from the UPC number.

We need to create a new product page on the Amazon platform which is called ASIN number which is created from the UPCs. Several pages will then be displayed with ASIN numbers on every product. 

The best software is launched which helps to change the UPC product code into the ASIN product code without any cost. And these codes belong forever. If you decide to stop selling a certain type of package or product, you can simply log into Amazon, delete the product page, and then move the UPC to the new product or package. 

If you want thousands of these ASIN codes, you can simply install the software provided for the amazon selling to manage the product codes and other important features.