Many brides would like to look like princesses for their wedding day in long train wedding gowns as trains that are long always provide brides with elegance and romantic vibes.

But the long train might not be the best choice for every bride. There are numerous other things to be taken into consideration when deciding on the length of  your wedding dress train. You can also find various long trailing dresses online through

These suggestions can help you decide the right length of train for you.

  1. The primary factor to consider when deciding on the length of the train for the bride's wedding gown is its formality. If you're planning an informal wedding or semi-formal one, it is best to pick a dress that has the train being short.
  2. A sweeping train that is around a foot or two from the waistline of your dress and simply sweeps across the floor is an excellent alternative. A chapel train that falls between five and seven feet above the waistline, is an excellent alternative too.
  3. For a formal wedding, the cathedral train can be a fabulous option. With a length of seven to eight lengths below your waistline, this offers the bride a glamorous fairy tale style for your wedding. It is also the most long with a length of nine feet from the waist. It is a great option for a wedding with a high-end look.
  4. Another factor to consider is the venue the wedding will take place. If your wedding is outside, such as on the beach, a train is definitely not appropriate. To ensure a pleasant walk it is recommended to select a dress with short trains or even without any train.
  5. Additionally, the date of your wedding can also be an important element. The wedding dress tails options differ. When it's summer, the shorter train is popular, which gives the impression of freshness. When it is cold, a lengthy train is required to keep warm. If your wedding ceremony is held in areas with snow it is not advisable to go with a long train because the snow could saturate your dress.