A premade theme can help you save big on your website. You might think, "But templates are boring sites with no wow factor." This is true for templates, which allow anyone to create a website. 

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Web Designer vs Web Developer - The 5 Big Differences

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These themes are not like the generic templates that we discussed. They create high-quality websites and require a certain amount of skill to be implemented.

While templates can be great and save money, they may not be right for every business. You might find your company does not fit into a premade template. This is how to determine if your company can use a premade theme or a custom design. 

Small niche businesses, such as restaurants, boutiques, and small companies, often struggle to find a theme that suits their individuality. You may require a different design if you are selling directly to consumers through a storefront. 

This is not a rule that applies everywhere. It is just a guideline to follow. If your business model is predominantly B2B, your location is in an industrial area or high-rise building, you may be a good candidate for using a theme.

Make sure that your designer customizes the theme to your needs if you have chosen a theme. This is partly why you hired them. 

Remember to think like your customer. Don't assume that they already know the name of your company when they visit your website. On the homepage, clearly define what your business does. You can do this with pictures and words.