To fix a leaky basement you first need to know why your basement is leaking in the first place. Your basement leaks because your basement walls are sitting in a clay bowl that is surrounded by water. 

Picture every time that it rains that your basement walls are sitting in a pool that is filling up with water the harder it rains, and the only thing that is keeping the water out, is the waterproofing job that was done when your house was built. You can also take help from professional cracks foundation specialists at

If your house is older then there might not be any waterproofing barrier between the water and the outside of your basement wall. This is where you see most of your major foundation issues. Those being cracks or even the wall starting to shift in or out, but most of the time major foundation repairs can be avoided if action is taken at the first signs of water coming into your house.

So to solve the problem you first need to know what is needed to make sure that you are fixing the problem the right way the first time. Step one is to identify what type of problem that you are facing. If your basement is poured concrete and you have a vertical crack in which water is coming through. 

Then you need to fix this by digging down on the outside of the house exposing the crack and sealing it from the outside.