Lithium polymer batteries are generally wide and flat and provide a great storage capacity. These are widely used in smartphones, electric devices, wearable devices, and many types of equipment.

The lithium polymer cells are ultra-lightweight and are widely used in thin notebooks, smartphones, and tablets. If you want a pack of lithium polymer batteries, you can visit


Lithium polymer batteries contain sandwich-like cells with positive and negative electrodes. The cells contained in it are called pouch cells and have a thin housing like a soft pouch. The cells are widely made and are very lightweight but may vary in shapes and sizes.

Lithium polymer battery packs have a low rate of self-discharge and this technology is newer than lithium-ion. These batteries offer a low profile rate, are very flexible, and have a lower chance of leaking electrolytes.

Lithium polymer batteries have super-fast charging technology and they can be recycled. These are most widely used in electric cars and smartphones. These batteries are safer to use but are expensive than lithium batteries.

The technology used in these packs is in three forms – a dry solid, a porous chemical, or a gel-like electrolyte. The most famous is the gel-like electrolyte as it is used in laptops.