Screens are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and can be mounted in some very innovative ways to create an integrated and professional look.

If costs are an issue, simply use off-the-shelf LCD screens which can be wall-mounted – but beware that the backlights in cheap screens may not last more than a couple of years if left turned on permanently. If you want to get the best service of Signs for your business then you can visit

For a more professional look, consider using open frame LCD screens, recessed into the wall, with a glass front bolted in front. Not only does this protect the screen from damage, but it looks great too!

Several manufacturers now produce 'stretch' LCD screens (think of a normal TV cut in half horizontally). These are great for mounting above door frames, or when rotated into portrait, onto pillars or small spaces on walls.

Off the shelf framed stretch screens are available in a variety of sizes and some manufacturers even offer custom made open frame screens cut to your requirements.

Wayfinding systems can be quite critical to a building’s operation – especially in very busy hotels or hospitals – so the player must be reliable and designed for constant operation.

Players will normally need to be located next to the screens they are driving, so they should be small enough to be located in ceiling or wall voids, and consequently ensure that the system is designed to operate in confined spaces and will not overheat.