If you are looking for a landscape architect or garden designer, you should choose from experienced designers to broaden your horizons. Always seek professionals for your landscape design. They will give you 2-3 plans to choose from and should have software support to show you a demonstration of the vault before settling on a particular design. 

There are many different designs to choose from, such as formal style, casual style, jungle style, etc. Choosing a specific design for your landscape depends on what function you want the landscape design to work. This could be a new seating or play area, or improve the appearance of the property. 

You can choose the simple landscape designs from noblegardendesign.com/newton/ for your home. Some people say that simplicity is one of the main aspects of landscape design. This saves you money and is easy to maintain once you are done. If you have used contrasting elements in your designs, maintenance and redesign can be expensive.

Before you go to a landscape designer to improve your home, you need to understand the basics of landscape design. This can save you valuable time and money. Also, try to look at some of the landscaping designs of your home before deciding on a particular design. 

Now you can contact an experienced landscape architect who wants several designs and you can choose from several attractive designs. Landscaping adds natural beauty and elegance to your entire property and costs less than remodeling or home decorating.

It's hard to say anything about the cost as it varies a lot depending on your needs, the plot and experience of the designer, the materials used, etc. It can cost thousands of dollars if you are looking for an intricate design with quality materials.