Meat is undoubtedly the best source of much-needed protein, vitamin B12, iron, and other minerals. However, most of the meat sold in markets and grocery stores today contains much more of this substance.

They're usually full of fat and cholesterol, and some of them even have preservatives for longer shelf life. This makes it difficult for you to find the healthiest meats that will provide the best nutrition for your family. You can also contact the best fresh chicken suppliers in Brazil.

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Buy fresh meat and seafood instead of frozen produce as much as possible. These unprocessed foods are not only more nutritious but also tastier and tastier than the canned type.

Try to lose as much fat as possible when buying meat products. Ask your butcher about lean cuts, especially for beef and pork. Fish and other seafood are naturally low in fat, although there are some exceptions such as salmon.

As for the chicken, the best and nutritious part is the breast. Apart from being high in protein, chicken breast is very easy to prepare, especially if you are buying a boneless product.

You can even save a few bucks by purchasing this poultry product in bulk, as storing it in the freezer until you need it is very good.