All automatic swimming pool safety covers systems share the same design. It consists of flexible covering material, a roll-up drum, a tracking system that includes rope take-up reels, and a powertrain.

The roll-up drum that is wrapped around is used to pull the pool cover off. A set of reels are used to pull the pool cover on. The cover material and ropes are run through a multi-channeled track with a pulley at the end. You can get these pool covers from the auto pool reel online.

Two powertrains are available for automatic swimming pool safety covers: the first is electric motor driven, and the second is hydraulic fluid driven.

An electric motor-driven system – These motors can be driven by any brand and size of electric motors that are suitable for the configuration and size of the pool cover. They are placed at the drive end. The motor rotates in the direction that covers are desired. They are fully submersible so that water-damaged motors are a thing of the distant past.

Hydraulic fluid-driven: This type of system operates by hydraulic fluid pressure generated from a hydraulic pump. It is usually located at the pool equipment pad. Hydraulic pressure is usually below 1000 psi. The hydraulic pressure (usually below 1000 psi.) is supplied by two hydraulic lines that run from the hydraulic pump to either the hydraulic motors or motors at the drive end of the mechanism.