Popup tents were great just because they allow you to setup a tent of your bed every night, under a few minutes. Even people who are used to popup tent can achieve in under a minute. Yep, exactly, it was incredible. You can find detailed information about custompopuptents online. 

10x10 Custom Pop Up Tent

Usually people find themselves having to get organized and go through the trouble of setting up a tent with all the poles and a large amount of space required for any one person or two-person tent, but none with this type.

Unlike the average camping tents, dome tent camping or as they are known, this type of quick and easy to setup and does not require any knowledge before hand really. This is usually referred to as an umbrella tent because of the way it works.

When you are ready to settle for a camp, you only need to take a popup tent, open from the case and throw it on the ground for it to be opened like an umbrella. There she is. After opening of the case and in the open it appears to be the shape and settles on the floor; You also have the option to secure it to the ground with pegs. They really save a lot of time and effort when it comes to just set up a tent and enjoy a good night's sleep and headed out the next morning.

They are certainly not as big as dome tents and did not include a feature, but they are not specifically designed for comfort.