In our connected society, the Rail industry has not been able to escape the influence of technology. This means that technology has generated demand, creating state-of-the-art technologies and upgrades.

In the past decade, we've managed to build teams of experts who provide services across a broad range of fields, including connectivity and information for passengers such as WIFI and technological advancements in railway technology such as GSMR as well as ETCS. You can also find the best railway track maintenance agency via online sources. 

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In this blog, we've listed the top areas that we've covered as a portion of our Systems Services review.

LED Lighting

At Seat Sockets


Test & Commission

Let's look at these services in more detail:

1. LED Lighting

Lighting with LEDs is the next-generation technology being used in the railway industry. TXM Projects have been heavily involved in the installation and support of the lighting systems. 

2. At Seat Sockets

Growing demand for improved passengers' comfort as well as the introduction of electrical devices means that sockets at the seat have become an integral component of the everyday requirements for rail vehicles.


ETCS is the next generation of technology to control and signaling of rail vehicles on the European infrastructure. TXM Projects have been working closely with Alstom for the last 2 years to install and commission an ETCS system on the Class 180 fleet of trains for Grand Central.

4. Test & Commission

We are fully conversant with the various rail vehicle platforms, from new installations to upgrading existing systems. Testing and commissioning is essential parts of any system that is new or upgraded.