The two most important questions you need to ask a yourself before you purchase your Warehouse Racking systems:

1. Does your pallet racking meet the Australian Standards?

2. Has your pallet racking been certified?

These are very good questions, because there is more to pallet racking than meets the eye.

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Australian Standards

Australian Standards are established to protect consumers against cheap inferior products being made locally or imported and pallet racking is no exception.

The Australian Standard defines the minimum requirements for the design, fabrication, and erection tolerances, test methods, operation, and maintenance of pallet racking. In regards to Pallet Racking you must ensure the product has been tested and rated in accordance with Australian Standard AS4084-1993.

A lot of importers fall into the trap of claiming that their pallet racking is certified by their supplier when in fact they need to hold the certificate themselves. The danger is that quite often the testing has been done by the supplier overseas and not done by a certified Australian testing facility. The danger therefore is that they may have tested only tested part of their range and subsequently the Racking you but will not meet those standards.


On the other hand ensuring the racking has been locally certified will give you and your employees a complete level of security as not only is every component tested but given a load rating as well.