Whether you are a crystal lover or you have just launched your crystal healing kit, you need to add shungite stones to your collection. In fact, in recent years this mineral has become one of the most attractive and sought after stones in the holistic community and the scientific world.

Known as the "magic stone", it has been studied extensively by Russian experts because the world's most important and important source of shungite is in Karelia, Russia. You can get more information about shungite stone for sale via https://santacruzbetterbody.com/shungite/.

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Shungite has a strong connection with the earth and the physical world, which makes it a powerful chakra stone for balancing root chakra. Crystal enthusiasts call her a great protector and claim she is the best energetic bodyguard one can ask for.

There are several things to consider when picking up your shungite stones. Regina Martino, a French bioenergy expert who has been experimenting with shungite since 2006, divides the stone into three categories:

  • Type I (elite shungite or noble shungite): The purest and rarest form of shungite, only 1% of all shungite was found to meet this quality standard. Type I stones contain 98% carbon and have a black-silver semi-metallic luster.
  • Type II (black shungite): These stones contain 50-70% carbon. They are black with a semi-dark luster and are easy to carve and polish. Stone type II is commonly used for carving sculpture and jewelry
  • Type III (gray shungite or shungite rock): These stones contain only 30-50% carbon. They are gray in color with a matte or matte luster.