Social media marketing experts often question the likability of small business websites. But, they are. Although small businesses may not see a return on their investment, it is possible to reap the benefits.

You can diversify your traffic sources and reduce dependence on one single technique by coming up with new ways to boost social media marketing. These are some of the most effective ways to use social media marketing tools.

4 Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tools for Any Business

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1. Blogging: Although this isn't a new concept, it is an effective one. This type of marketing allows for open communication between readers and you. This is a great way to build trust and loyalty. Use free software like Blogger or WordPress to get started. 

2. Commenting on other blogs: It can be a great way to get more hits for your site by taking the time to comment on other blogs. When commenting on other websites, make sure you use your URL and a username. 

3. Register to Yahoo! Answers: This site is a great place to ask questions about your field. This will allow you to be an authority in your field, especially if your expertise is evident in your answers. 

4. Stumble upon: StumbleUpon is an easy and fast service. This site is not about gaining links but traffic building. This site is great for increasing subscribers.

You should use social marketing to promote high-quality content that adds value to the community. This will make social marketing easy.