Although paintball blindness is extremely rare, the consequences are so severe that action must be taken at all times. When you're done with the game, you should quickly attach a barrel block to your paintball gun to avoid getting injured from an accidental shot. 

Safety glasses must be worn, even if the playing field is abandoned after the game is over while the player is still carrying weapons. You can go to Paintball Park in California at Paintball USA to experience the best game with all the security. 

9 Best Paintball Masks (Sept. 2020) Reviews & Buying Guide

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Most paintball eyeball injuries are caused more by the impact of the splinter from the exploding shell than from a direct impact to the eye. For this reason, many people consider full face masks over coated lenses. 

When buying paintball glasses, it is best to buy them from an authorized dealer. That way, you can safely choose from a wide selection of masks and goggles that are officially considered safe to use in sports. Paintball goggles are available as goggles or as a full mask. Paintball glasses are more compact, lighter, and fit your face perfectly.

Paintball masks provide full face protection, and some models even cover the head. Full face paintball masks, while more protective, bigger, bigger, and impractical, are the most popular. Paintball masks have more surface area than glasses and come in a wider variety of styles and colors.