With several styles and options to choose from, it can be a challenge to select the perfect swimming pool enclosure for your home. The decision is especially important, especially if you are on the coast.

Pool enclosures are the first line of defense against debris, bugs, and alligators. You can learn about the types and benefits of each pool enclosure via poolenclosures-poolcovers.com.au/pool-enclosures/ so you can choose one with confidence.

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2-Story Enclosure

Two-story pool enclosures are built to include the second story of your home and can enclose balconies to add even more usable room to your outdoor living space. The height of a two-story enclosure also gives it a very spacious feeling.

Standard Screen Pool Enclosures

Standard pool enclosures are screen structures that create a barrier around your pool area. They are most common and help to keep unwanted insects, alligators, and debris out of your pool and pool deck. Standard pool enclosures come in several different sizes and roof types to suit your style and needs.

Mansard Roof

This style of the enclosure has a flat top with sides that slope at an angle to meet the wall panels and house. A mansard roof feels very spacious because of its open shape. It’s also the most popular enclosure style.


The mansard style is one of the strongest shapes of screen pool enclosures.

Its simple design is a great fit for almost every type of home.

Its shape allows the enclosure to feel open and spacious.

Hence, choosing the perfect pool enclosure for your home is easy with a little thought and research.