Section 1031 allows you to trade "like-kind", investment properties, without having to pay capital gains tax. You can upgrade to larger properties that generate more cash flow as your property assets increase in value. You can also exchange rental properties that have appreciated significantly in hot markets and reinvest in areas that will develop and become the next hot area in the future. 

As long as you comply with the 1031 Exchange requirements, you can continue to defer capital gains taxes while you continue to build your property portfolio. A 1031 exchange can offer many benefits. You can reinvest all of your property equity without worrying about tax erosion. You can know more about deferred 1031 exchange financing via

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This can increase the capital available for investment and make it easier to buy higher-value properties that generate more cash flow. The decision to upgrade to higher-quality properties that have more cash flow is easier now than it was when taxes were a lower priority transaction decision. Some markets have higher real estate values than the cash flow from the property. 

It may be a good idea to lock in your gains and reinvest in other properties that offer higher cash flow returns. A 1031 exchange makes it easier to speculate in the future hot market. Lock in your profits from property that has experienced a dramatic increase in value and then re-invest them in the next hot area. 

You can accelerate equity accumulation by increasing your portfolio through a series of exchanges. You have the option to convert into properties of "like-kind", as per the tax code, which gives you flexibility and investment options. Tenant in Common exchanges are another option if you don't want to deal with the hassles of managing property.