3D modeling is the development of mathematical representations of the surfaces of inanimate or living objects in three dimensions using dedicated software. 3D modeling services manage the process of creating 3D content for clients and delivering a final product.

Outsourcing deliverables can usually be viewed as 2D renderings or images, or they can be explored as full 3D simulations. 3D modeling from 3D design company is an essential component of space planning, architecture, product design, animation, and more.

“Companies may lack the internal expertise to create 3D content. Or they may find that outsourcing 3D modeling is more cost-effective than building an internal team,” says Shawn Rothery, Director of 3D Content for Marxent.

“Software packages and file types supply varied requirements for realism, resolution, speed, and interactivity,” says Rothery. “Creating 3D content can be challenging to master since requirements can range from the creation of a technical CAD model to 3D game content.”

The Process of Working with a 3D Modeling Service

When working with a 3D modeling service, you can expect a process that usually encompasses the following:

  1. Definition, to set project parameters

  2. Design, for content generation

  3. Test, for quality assurance

  4. Delivery, when the product launches

One of the signs of a reputable firm is a transparent methodology that ensures quality and timeliness, including sharing information about progress over the life of the project.