Automated reporting means one can easily create reports and send them to the recipients with the help of software featuring built-in tools or templates. For example, an SEO professional of the digital marketing department has prepared a report on weekly website traffic with a reporting tool that can automatically send it to the marketing department to analyze the same. You can read more about how reporting tools work.

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There are now many Ad hoc reporting tools available in the market. Out of these, some are affordable even for small and medium-sized businesses. Many of these are driven by business intelligence, which has made them a favorite of accounting professionals and entrepreneurs. 

The best thing is that it is easy nowadays to find reporting tools that are available for a free trial! This immensely helps the potential users to explore the features and to know whether these tools are accurate in report generation or not.

A good reporting process can vastly improve your business reports. However, one has to choose the right report generation tool as per your reporting needs. Also, make sure it does not demand a steep learning curve and offers a user-friendly interface. It is best to first go for a free trial to know about its features.