African culture is as entertaining as his sculptures, paintings, art and tradition that signifies most religions and various forms of worship. Sculpture, made of wood well known in Africa and exported worldwide.

Metal, stone, ivory and other materials are also used in making sculpture. Special rituals are performed throughout the year in various parts of Africa to show how their religious life. 

Certain strange beliefs also exist in Africa who live controlled by the spirits and there were witches who practice spiritual power through sacrifice. There is some of african art in galleries in New York where you can see and get authentic and unique african art.

tribal art gallery

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African arts and crafts signify various themes that depict the culture and the lifestyle of people there. Most African art comes with symbols only with a keen understanding that will help you know the meaning rooted out of it.

When it comes to African culture, local tribes will be the first to come to mind. Even after hundreds of years, African tribes live in harmony with nature where lifestyle remains unchanged. 

This continent has large natural resources with abundant wealth of valuable goods. People who used to make craft items from nature that have some facts about their culture and also the good works of art. 

Mask is a perfect example for African crafts. These people wear masks during ritual ceremonies that create the best art. African traditional masks are also stored in the home as part of the decor.