The first primary school to be set up was specially made for children with missionary backgrounds. Also for the children of businessmen who tend to travel the world to work.

These schools have distinctive curricula and courses which are strictly followed for overall growth.

The standard of courses that these schools follow is accepted by all universities worldwide or check out here to know more.

Due to the many advantages that this school offers in the international arena, ordinary people also take advantage of the opportunity to send their children to those who are based in an international school in San Jose.

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Studying at an international educational institution is very helpful if students wish to go abroad for higher education.

As people's popularity and preferences grew, several new international schools emerged. Most metropolitan areas have multiple primary schools, making it difficult to choose.

Bus Transport For all transportation of scientists equipped with CCTV cameras, GPS and seat belts which are included as a companion for safety and comfort, Sri Ram can provide it.

Provide means of transportation to lift and drop and maintain the cafe on the school grounds.

The sports combination consists of indoor and outdoor facilities. Art, music, dance and yoga are additional things you need to do to improve the overall student.

The actual physical training and building skills through the expedition were equally important. Gymnastics and yoga are also included in the curriculum.