Companies and trading houses do not always manage to keep track of all their assets, although the total value of assets can run into the millions. It also causes financial loss for the company.

It is possible to obtain a list of company assets and their values, but traditional methods of keeping these records are not capable of storing additional information such as asset location, price, maintenance, and use. However, this problem can now be solved by using an asset tracking resource that provides everyone in the company with information about location, maintenance costs, depreciation value, and service date.

Available manually or computer based, this asset tracking solution can track all types of fixed and moving assets by assigning a unique barcode or number. Barcodes associated with assets prove to be very useful for audit purposes as they are easy to identify.

Having an asset tracking solution has many benefits such as:

  • Assets can be tracked by address, name or company.

  • The depreciation value of an asset can be calculated very easily.

  • Estimated asset costs and expenses.

  • You can view detailed reports on assets.

  • Help reduce costs by checking what assets are in place and not wasting money on those items.

  • Help reduce credit without previous sanctions.

  • Better service and resource management help meet tighter budgets.

  • Easy start with simple inventory system.c