The latest 2015 Cloud Status report from RightScale shows that Amazon Web Services has one company at the top of the cloud services rankings: Microsoft Azure. According to the report, 50% of respondents choose Amazon Web Services to use enterprise cloud services. 

In second place is Microsoft Azure IaaS with 19 percent. Microsoft Azure PaaS is third with 15 percent. You can now look for Microsoft Azure Certification to learn more about it for a better future. 

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud Market Share 2021: What the Latest Data Shows - ParkMyCloud

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Pain perception in the cloud:- When switching to the cloud and opting for a solution like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, this can be a "given", not necessarily without its pain points. One of the biggest problems with adopting Microsoft Azure – and adopting the cloud in general – is relying on unreliable public internet.

For example, if you move enterprise applications and data from behind a firewall to the cloud, be it Azure, Amazon, or another service provider, your legacy network and application delivery tools may not work as expected. MPLS and traditional WAN optimizers are not intended for practical use in the cloud. In this way, many organizations provide access to cloud applications over the unreliable public internet.

This is a cheap and easy way to access it, but it will make the app less effective. Slow applications have a detrimental effect on end-user satisfaction and productivity, and if productivity falls enough, usage will also decline. Now this sucks – and your users around the world are feeling it. By reducing use, the pain spreads.