In 2008, Blockchain was released as the basis for the first decentralized cryptocurrency, but it turned out to be a gift to exchange the safest, efficient and transparent information between partners. The blockchain system is a ledger that functions like a diary that records all online transactions in chronological order, protected by the appropriate consensus mechanism and provides fixed notes. You can also get more info about blockchain at

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External nature usually includes eternity, irreversibility, decentralization, dissolution and individuality. With this advantage, he has found applications in almost all fields that require data exchange between several countries, but with safe authentication, anonymity, and performance. Some of the best use is financial, real estate, and internet things, banks, and more. Although there are several advantages.

Blockchain also suffers from various weaknesses, especially rapid consensus building in large networks, energy consumption in calculations and storage requirements throughout the verification chain. Here we discuss the blockchain and how it works according to its principles.

Over time, information technology and communication systems have experienced many changes to allow exchanges that are easier, faster, efficient and safe and data exchange, information and resources in various ways. With the advent of the Internet, digital communication has emerged, which allows data exchange and information through online transactions such as financial transactions to make the safest payment and receipt of funds.

All transaction and communication systems through trusted intermediaries that not only guarantee safe and safe delivery, but also offer the right change in terms of financial transactions, which are reflected in various accounts.