Termite inspection means visual inspection of all areas at home which tends to be attacked by wood destroying insects and organisms. Most houses in San Francisco are influenced by termite threats. Termites cause great damage to wooden structures and buildings. They also damage fabric, paper and carpets. 

It is necessary to call the best termite agency to get rid of the termite threat. But, prior to calling any termite control company in San Francisco, it is advisable to call an inspector for termite inspection. A termite inspector conducts visual inspection of interiors and exteriors of the place including basement and crawl spaces to detect presence of termite. 

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The inspector also examines attics in areas where dry-wood termites exist. After conducting inspection, the inspector gives a written report in a specific format. On an average, a thorough termite inspection in San Francisco  takes 30 to 45 minutes depending on the area, condition of the house, storage system and clutter etc.

A termite inspection may cost around $100 depending on the neighborhood you live in. After completion of termite inspection and receiving the inspector's report, you should look for a licensed termite control company in San Francisco. Ensure that the company is insured and provides professional termite control services at reasonable charges.