Many owners of expensive vehicles are hesitant about getting their vehicles from the garage as they are afraid of damaging their cars. However, remember that a car was purchased to be driven and therefore it's not a good idea to lock it up inside your garage. 

You can look for 'BMW Wagens Repair and Cleaning Services in West Flanders, Belgium' (also known as 'BMW Wagens Reparatie- en schoonmaakdiensten in West-Vlaanderen, Belgi' in the Dutch language).


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If your BMW is damaged, you may seek assistance from an import car repair center. If your car's rims require repairs, this article will certainly help.

Set-Up and Requirements-

For repairing the rims of your BMW You will first need to purchase lacquer paints and products which match the BMW alloys that came with the factory. Also, you will need to purchase high-gloss clear polish and spray silver paint to repair your wheels. 

Place the tires in the garage for the rim cleaning procedure and then apply paint thinner to the rims. 

Sanding and Filling-

When the paint thinner has dried you can identify the areas on the rim where it has been damaged. It is necessary to apply body filler for auto on the damaged areas.

The next process is to smooth out the body filler from your vehicle. Start with sandpaper of 100-grit. After that then use 200-grit paper, and then the finer 400 grit sandpaper. Sand until the surface of the rim is smooth and even. 

Final Painting-

The painter's tape should be placed on the rim, between the tire and the rim crevice, to ensure it is shielded from paint on the rim. Only the rims are open, wrap the paper around the tires. Apply three coats of silver paint over the rims where you applied the auto-fill. 

Take off the newspaper and tape then mount the wheels. The BMW wheel repair has been completed.